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John Hilyard Family ca. 1909

Monday, December 22, 2014

Have You Met Dead Fred?

Just a quick post here to share my latest tech discovery. Have you heard of Deadfred? It's a genealogy photo archive, attempting to reunite photos with their families.

I heard about this site while working through the back episodes of Family Tree Magazine Podcast (I believe it was one from 2009).  If you haven't listened to this podcast, it's one of my favorite genealogy ones so far.

At Deadfred, I typed in just the surname for several of my less common names, adding a state for some of the more common ones.

I actually got a hit on my Cremean line! The photo is not of direct relatives, but of their cousins, which is still interesting to me. I have contacted the photo's submitter and am awaiting a response.

You can browse through the site by surname, location, check out mystery photos, and even submit photos you have found that you want to get back to their families. Leave a comment if you find anything for your family.

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